Food waste to compost


Reduction rate


Food waste processed per year

Industry Application

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Small scale apartment buildings

Oklin’s GG10s is ideal for small scale businesses in which small volumes of food waste are generated each day

The GG10s model series are perfect for commercial applications where small volume of food waste are produced. The minimalist design of the machine allows for easy operation control, and the compact size takes up only minimal floor space.

*Made in Sweden machines now available for the European market*

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Quick Facts

Input Capacity

25 kg/day

55 lbs/day

10 tons/year

Treatment Time

24 hours

Average Waste Reduction

80% – 90%

Electricity Consumption

Electricity Consumption

Single Phase

110-240 v

50/60 Hz

All voltages; frequencies supported

Max Power Draw

2.1 kW

Power Consumption

Average – 370 kWh/month

*consumption based on the average of 30 operational machines


Dimensions in Millimeters

1,160 width

620 depth

1,005 height

Weight in Kilograms

240 kg

Dimensions in Inches

45.67 width

24.40 depth

39.56 height

Weight in Pounds

530 lbs


Dimensions in Milimeters

Standard Deodorizer

410 width

580 depth

980 height

UV Deodorizer

665 width

910 depth

780 height

Dimensions in Inches

Standard Deodorizer

16.14 width

22.83 depth

38.58 height

UV Deodorizer

26.18 width

35.83 depth

30.71 height