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Grand Hyatt Converts Food Waste into Compost

Grand Hyatt in Melbourne has been awarded the ‘Hyatt Thrive Leadership Award for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability’, recognising the hotel’s commitment to environmental conservation through the implementation of Oklin’s food waste composter supplied by our Australian partner – Closed Loop.

Grand Hyatt is the first five star hotel in Victoria to implement this sustainable recycling program. The hotel now composts 12 tonnes of food waste each month, which previously was going to landfill, into a high quality composted organic fertiliser.

Oklin’s composter reduces food waste volume by 80-90%, generating a nutrient rich by-product. Grand Hyatt has partnered with City Harvest, an organization that provides disadvantaged youths with horticulture training to help future employment opportunities, and the chance to gain skills that will help them in both the workplace and a wider social context.

The implementation of the composting system means Grand Hyatt Melbourne will reduce their co2 emissions by 100 tonnes yearly.

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