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Sik Sik Yuen Temple becoming green by composting

Sik Sik Yuen is a temple first founded in 1921. It is a religious charitable organization that practices Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. For years, Sik Sik Yuen has been pursuing to become a “Green Temple”. The temple records over 5 million visitors each year, and has put in place many green initiatives to demonstrate publicly as a “green role model” in the community.

With thousands of visitors each day, a large amount of incense is burnt. The smoke from the incense contributes to air pollution, and reducing the carbon emission was one of the temple’s first steps towards being environmentally friendly. An advanced Incense Smoke & Odour Reduction System was installed and it includes modification to incense burner internal ventilation, smoke & odour collection and filtering, ash regeneration and utilization.

At Sik Sik Yuen temple, meals are provided to staff, in which unavoidable food waste is then generated. In 2014, Sik Sik Yuen temple applied for a grant from Hong Kong’s Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to install Oklin’s GG10s composter to compost food waste on-site, as another move towards becoming a green organization.

Sik Sik Yuen sponsors six schools, and has created an organic farming area in each of the schools. The compost collected from the composting machine is not only reused in the temple’s garden, but also distributed to the schools so students can use the rich compost in their gardens. It also serves an educational purpose, allowing students to understand the importance of recycling food waste.

Taoism is a religion which advocates “harmony with our nature” and being “kind to the earth”. Sik Sik Yuen plans to implement many more green initiatives and continue to educate the public.

Install Location Hong Kong SAR
Model Number GG10
Year Installed 2011
Food Waste Processed/Day 25kg/day
Food Waste Source Kitchen Waste from temple cafeteria
Compost Usage Compost reused in temple garden and Sik Sik Yuen sponsored schools’ organic farms

Oklin’s GG10 installed at Sik Sik Yuen, a well-known shrine and major tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Organic farm at Ho Lap College
Organic farm at Ho Lap College
Planter in Ho Dao's College for organic vegetables
Planter in Ho Dao’s College for organic vegetables


Apart from educating students, Sik Sik Yuen hosted education seminars at elderly homes, to educate the public on the benefits of recycling food waste.