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Small-scale GG-02

Oklin’s GG-02 is an electric composting unit ideal for small-scale waste generators like homes, coffee shops, schools and offices. The GG-02 utilizes Acidulo® microbes to compost food waste in 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used in gardens.

*not currently available in North America

Introducing the GG-02


The GG-02 has a small footprint, and can easily be installed at a convenient location close to the source of food waste.

Ease of use

Simply open the lid, and empty food waste into the machine. Once the lid is shut, Acidulo® microbes will immediately begin composting food waste.

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Oklin’s GG-02 is an innovative and efficient method of composting home food waste.

GG-02 can compost up to 4kg of food waste per day, turning waste into a valuable resource that can be used to fertilize plants or grow fruits and vegetables. With an 80-90% reduction rate, compost will only need to be removed from the unit on a weekly basis. Oklin’s electric composter helps users divert food waste from the landfill, reduce the amount of methane gas generated from organic waste, and decrease carbon emissions and one’s carbon footprint.

Smale Scale Composters for Homes + Condos | Electric Composters by Oklin

Quick Facts

Input Capacity

4 kg/day

120 kg/month

2 tons/year

Treatment Time

24 hours

Average Waste Reduction

80% – 90%

Electricity Consumption

Electricity Consumption

110-240 v

50/60 Hz

All voltages; frequencies supported

Max Power Draw

240 W

Power Consumption

60-90 kWh/month


Dimensions in Millimeters

457 width

457 depth

762 height

Weight in Kilograms

27 kg

Dimensions in Inches

18 width

18 depth

30 height

Weight in Pounds

60 lbs

Smale Scale Electric Compost Machine for Home Kitchens | GG-02 by Oklin