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Nanshan install composts 5 tons of food waste/day

A machine capable of composting 5 tons a day of food waste was installed in Shenzhen’s Nanshan trash collection centre in 2013. Food waste is collected from nearby residential buildings and brought to the collection centre.

The totes are loaded onto the bin lifter, where food waste emptied onto a sorting platform. Staff then removes any contaminates that are non-food waste, and the food waste is transferred to a shredder via a conveyor belt, and emptied into the GG300 composter.

With the shredder accessory, the composter is capable of composting a higher volume of food waste. The compost is collected on a weekly basis, sent to a fertilizing company to be packaged and redistributed to the local community.

Install Location Guangzhou, China
Model Number GG300L
Year Installed 2012
Food Waste Processed/Day 5 tons/day
Food Waste Source Kitchen Waste collected from nearby residential communities
Compost Usage Compost collected by Oklin personnel


Building that houses Oklin's composter
Building that houses Oklin’s composter


Shenzhen Nanshan
Machine set up capable of composting 5 tons of food waste per day