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Composting Food Waste at Nursery School

Guangzhou City Number One Nursery installed a GG30 to compost the food waste from the cafeteria. The nursery generates approximately 50-65kg of organic waste a day and prior to the machine being installed, the food waste was sent to landfill.

The machine was installed as a means for the nursery to reduce their contribution to landfill, and to serve as an education tool for children about the environment, and the benefits of composting food waste. The compost from the machine is collected by Oklin, cured for 21 days and packaged for distribution back to the nursery for use on-site, and to parents.

Install Location Guangdong, China
Model Number GG30
Year Installed 2012
Food Waste Processed/Day Approx. 65kg/day
Food Waste Source Food waste from canteen
Compost Usage Collected by Oklin, packaged and given back to school to reuse in garden and given to parents