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Oklin Composter and Compostable Goods

Oklin offers a line of commercial composting machines that turn food waste into compost in 24 hours. It’s been installed in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, universities, food processing centres and more.

One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not Oklin’s composting machine can compost products that are certified compostable.

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is: yes, but…

1. Plant-based plastic takes 3-10 days to compost
2. During offload at the end of the week, compostable plastic bits may still be visible and will need to be screened out
3. Large volumes of compostable paper-based products will increase compost’s fibre content and decrease organic matter
4. Water will need to be added to facilitate the composting process
5. Acidulo microbes will need to be added every 8-10 months to help boost and strengthen the population
6. We don’t recommend adding biodegradable compostable liners into Oklin’s composters. The bags wrap around the axis, and does not compost

It’s also important to note that Oklin’s Acidulo microbes need food waste to sustain themselves, and to be able to reproduce healthy microbes. Compostable goods are not considered as healthy foods, and it can be compared to humans eating a potato chip only diet.

To learn more about our composting machines, please email us at!

Credit: PAPSTAR Gmbh